Nathan Kingsbury is a high end design company specialising in sumptuous bespoke kitchens and interiors. We operate in London, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. Our services include design and creation of one-off pieces, individual rooms and entire homes.

The process we provide is focused entirely on placing the client at the centre of all we do and bringing inspired design and outstanding craftsmanship to life. We work closely with all of our clients, from initial concept to final completion of the project, and we are always available to refine designs and effect alterations at each step of the way.

I believe that embarking on any design and renovation project should be an exciting and pleasurable experience, not one that is fraught with worry, disappointment and stress. I take great care to manage the experience for the client. It is for this reason that I enjoy leading my team of craftspeople and, when required, collaborating with partners, to provide an organic service, overturning the norm and completing projects as beautifully and seamlessly as possible.

My focus on understanding a client’s needs and aspirations for their home comes first. Secondly is expertly designing the product, selecting the best materials and fine tuning my vision to meet that of the client’s. Lastly my attention to detail and eye for perfection ensure an incredible finish.

I personally oversee and sign off on all projects to ensure that the standard of finish and design integrity fulfils our contract promise. Do take a look at some of our recent client work and testimonials.

To discuss your needs, please get in touch. We would be delighted to work with you to create the home you have always wanted.

Nathan Sig




When a project requires a specific expertise we have a pool of trusted professionals to draw on. In addition to this, when clients come to us requiring a multi-disciplined approach, we can bring in our own assured partners who are specialists in their fields, including antique restoration, architecture and interior design. This integrated way of working results in a natural synergy and a pleasant experience for our clients.


Jane’s interior design business has evolved over some 15 years as a direct result of the renovation of her own homes which were much admired. She received repeated requests from friends for her help to ‘do-up’ their homes, and so her business was born. She is now a reputed interior designer.

Jane has the enviable ability to envisage the completed project, be it a room or a whole house, and to create beautiful spaces that reflect a client’s individual style and personality. She draws from a mix of antique, retro and modern ideas to create spaces that look as if they have been developed naturally over time and appear not overly ‘designed’. Her portfolio of work extends to homes throughout Surrey and Sussex where she has transformed clients’ interiors to deliver wonderful living spaces, balancing colour, scale and pattern.

Jane loves working with Nathan because first and foremost it’s exciting: “I like nothing better than knowing we can push the boundaries of an idea along similar thought patterns, then reel it back in to create a stunningly crafted yet workable design that will exceed the client’s expectations every time.”


Tracey has worked with Nathan for four years, successfully collaborating on many projects of varying budgets and scale. All of them have delivered exceptional design, functionality and finish. They have created entire homes and one-off pieces for clients’ in Barnes, East Sheen, Richmond and Fulham.

Tracey has over eight years of experience working on interiors across South West London. She works together with Nathan researching and understanding the needs of each client and their family members before embarking on any design work. She develops a good understanding of the homeowners’ lifestyles to ensure she is able to plan the space, flow and use necessary to meet their needs and functions.

Tracey brings a phenomenal personal commitment to each project and focuses on maximising the value of the clients’ property, whatever its size. She believes in clearly defined living areas whilst ensuring, with colour, lighting and finish, that the space ‘flows’ seamlessly from one room to another. In addition to her design experience, Tracey is the owner of an enviable book of contacts and suppliers. "It’s great working with Nathan and knowing the end result will always be a beautifully crafted product. I love his attention to detail, his creativeness and the care and precision he takes in all of our projects."