"We have built our dream kitchen and dressing room. Nathan came to our house and talked us through more detail than we imagined could be necessary. This felt so indulgent! He took the word ‘bespoke’ to another level. On a practical level, our extremely old, hence wonky house must have been a huge challenge to measure and get perfect, but perfect it is. On a visual level, both rooms are exquisite; unique to us and utterly stunning. Every day we find a new detail of craftsmanship that exceeds our expectations... he came up with precisely what we wanted."

Sarah & Chris - commissioned bespoke kitchen and dressing room for the complete renovation of their Grade II listed Georgian home in Welwyn village, Hertfordshire



A truly bespoke creation is one-of-a-kind, unique to you. This is the fundamental reason we stand out; everything we create is completely bespoke.

Our creations originate from a space of complete freedom. The starting point is a blank sheet of paper. There is no set range to select from.

Unconstrained and enthused, sitting down with and listening to you becomes our focus. Your needs, likes, personality, tastes, ideas and dreams form the source we expand from.

Our passion is to create something inspired and entirely personal to you.

When growing original ideas, anything is possible. We take “the word ‘bespoke’ to another level”.


Everything that is made should be beautiful. Design is an art form and natural artistry and creativity are at the helm of our business.

A practical, solutions-based approach and exquisite craftsmanship form a steady foundation from which artistic design flows freely, in pursuit of the perfect aesthetic for you.

We take our inspirational cues directly from you; your style, interests, artwork, a special family antique, or something more subtle and abstract.

Everything is drawn by hand, using pencil or pen, to continue the stream of creative energy and infuse personality on to the page and into the design.

Our “designs are aesthetic, practical and in the end beautifully realised... the result of a thoughtful design process”.


Our creations honour their bespoke design. It is crucial for us to make an original and genuine product that we can stand by.

Each creation is individual to you and made completely from scratch.

We are meticulous in construction; every detail is thought out. Pushing boundaries, we come up with clever ways of making in order to stay true to the concept.

The vision is brought to life through expert craftsmanship, exceptional quality, scrupulous attention to detail, perfectionism, care and time. We believe honest effort holds more meaning.

We are different because for us continuity is a core principle: Nathan forming a relationship with you and your home, designing, drawing, collaborating, overseeing the making, installing, and providing all after-care. We know this is invaluable.

Choose Nathan Kingsbury Design; allow us to make you feel like you too have found a “creative master” who interprets your ideas into unique creations that exceed your expectations.

"Nathan's work transformed our home into a very practical but beautiful living space which the entire family enjoys being in. Nathan's approach is highly professional whilst remaining personal. He blends creativity and design-led thinking with a highly practical approach resulting in a fabulous space that works. We enjoyed working with Nathan throughout the process and frequently recommend him to people who visit our home. Thanks Nathan!"

Rachel & Andrew - commissioned bespoke kitchen & living area with bespoke furniture and library shelving for their family home in East Sheen, London

A Truly Personal Experience