“Nathan Kingsbury is a creative master! All 3 of our projects have the wow factor that comes with one of Nathan’s creations, from the use of different materials and colours, and his eye for the unusual. Nathan is a fantastic designer - he looks to understand your interests and how you’ll use the space to create an aesthetically and functionally pleasing design.”

Hannah & Simon - commissioned bespoke kitchen, interior, spatial and lighting design, bespoke bedroom furniture and child’s wardrobes for their family home in Reigate, Surrey


As we walk through the door of our homes our outside armour falls away and we embrace our own space. Our homes bring us comfort, hold the stories of our families within and allow us to rest. We go beyond bespoke, giving you the freedom to truly influence, shape and create the very soul of this significant space.

What could be more personal and important to you than where you sleep, where you dress, where your children play. We respect and understand the significance of being invited into your home and have you share your visions with us. We truly listen and pay attention.

We delve into, draw insight from and respond directly to you and your home in an imaginative way.

Our bespoke interiors and pieces of furniture are not constrained by a collection or set style.

We are free to design and create commissions as unique as each of you are. By interpreting your ideas with personal, natural and organic creations your home becomes perfectly in tune with you.

Our diverse commissions range from one-off pieces of furniture to whole room schemes. We are equally enthused working on an established room that requires a bespoke piece or an entire space that needs reimagining.

One-off pieces of furniture can include bespoke fitted wardrobes, bedroom and living room furniture, bookshelves, tv and display unit, home bar, or even a special commission as a gift for a loved one.

Whole room schemes can include a bedroom, dressing room, child’s playroom, sitting room, study, library, or perhaps a quiet sanctuary for yoga.

We infuse art and beauty into all of our interiors. Putting you at the centre, we balance our artistic instinct, design acumen and exhilaration for individuality, instilling an inner energy that you experience beyond the aesthetic. It’s as if your own pulse is running through it.

When a beautiful design is married with perfect function, it improves your experience of the everyday. A bespoke wall unit is realised as an architectural piece, giving a large room personality, intimacy and drawing everything in towards it; bespoke toy storage and display doubles as a toy to climb; and a once non-descript, unused space transforms into a destination dressing room that meets all of your “neat-freak desires”.

The uniqueness of every one of our bespoke interiors and pieces of furniture is also evident in the expert craftsmanship, creative engineering, perfect precision, honest materials, and care during, beyond and after.

Everything is in tune, with subtle links and a delicate balance.

We believe owning fewer things of the highest quality, made to last, that truly work for you is a more conscious and forward-thinking approach.

"We are so pleased with the furniture that Nathan has designed and made for us. We wanted to completely revamp our living room to give a more contemporary look. We were quite vague as to how this could be achieved but Nathan thoughtfully interpreted our ideas and produced designs that were both modern and elegant. The finished pieces are simply stunning and the quality of materials used is superb. We would have no hesitation in recommending Nathan to others."

Caroline & Chris - commissioned bespoke living room furniture for their home in Kingswood, Surrey

A Truly Personal Experience