bespoke blue black modern kitchen design reigate surrey

“Nathan Kingsbury is a creative master. We have done three projects with him - a main bedroom, a kid’s bedroom and a kitchen / diner. All three of our projects have the wow factor that comes with one of Nathan’s creations, from the use of different materials and colours, and his eye for the unusual.”

bespoke dark contemporary kitchen and interior design reigate surrey
custom made soft black kitchen cabinets reigate surrey
bespoke dark kitchen cabinets with integrated ovens reigate surrey
custom made contemporary kitchen larder reigate surrey
bespoke blue black kitchen cabinets with brass handles reigate surrey
custom made brass kitchen handles reigate surrey
man working bespoke kitchen quooker hot tap reigate surrey
white bespoke kitchen worktop and quooker tap reigate surrey
dark bespoke kitchen island with brass details and mirrored plinth reigate surrey
custom made kitchen island drawers with brass design reigate surrey
bespoke kitchen island worktop and oak cutlery drawer reigate surrey
bespoke neolith iron corten kitchen island worktop reigate surrey
custom made neolith iron corten kitchen worktop with miele cook top reigate surrey
bespoke furniture dj turnatable steel shelves reigate surrey
custom built furniture dj turntable steel shelves reigate surrey
bespoke furniture design with steel shelves for records reigate surrey
bespoke white and steel interior furniture and lighting design reigate surrey
bespoke blue black furniture shelves with dinosaur eggcups reigate surrey
custom made soft black kitchen drawer flush handles reigate surrey
bespoke kitchen doors in farrow and ball railings reigate surrey
dark bespoke kitchen cabinets and oak shelves reigate surrey
custom made kitchen furniture oak shelving reigate surrey
bespoke interior lighting design with bert frank pendant reigate surrey
bespoke interior lighting design with bert frank pendant reigate surrey



A whole room project, incorporating bespoke kitchen, furniture, interior and lighting design, for a new extension.

Transferring from a small dated kitchen to a large modern extension, the clients wanted interior direction for the entire space that had to be many things for a large family; an open-plan kitchen and living area with record, turntable and mixer desk storage, and existing kitchen table. The clients provided a mood board with East-Asian, vintage and Mid-century modern furniture in deep, moody tones.

A new concept for a whole room scheme came about, with spatial planning, interior colour palette, lighting plans and window-dressing.

It has a solid and strong aesthetic with exciting and unexpected design elements.

The kitchen needs its own voice, competing as it does with the vast ceiling and large surrounding space.  Using soft blue black, it has a distinctive appearance that is both sophisticated and impactful.

With the walls and ceiling contrasting in pure white, the new interior architecture is displayed in an open and clean way. The different forms and shapes stand out beautifully as natural and artificial light bounce around the room creating shadows.

Drawing inspiration from Mid-century modern furniture and a dark Chinese antique cabinet with a metal disk across both doors, the island’s appearance is that of a large freestanding piece of furniture with patinated brass legs, frame and panel spanning nine drawer fronts. The worktop with its inherent iron oxide tones and metallic feel provides synergy.

The island and tall cabinet envelop the immoveable steel beam, hand-painted in the same soft blue-black, making it part of the kitchen. Starting from the steel beam moving along the cabinets surrounding the doorway and over to the opposite wall shelving, the whole form connects from one side to the other, truly outlining the space. The design has a defined and engineered feel about it.

As an extension of the island and its East Asian influence the facing tall and base cabinets feature subtle slim frame details and two different forms of bespoke patinated brass handles.

Open oak shelving follows the line of the door surround and mirrors the steel beam opposite, providing a warm, defined space for ornaments, books and glasses.

The sink area and separate breakfast, tea and coffee station are defined by a light quartz worktop defining these areas, bouncing light about by the window and creating a lighter contrast to the island.

The DJ record storage, turntable and mixer desk station is constructed from welded steel box section, finished solely in clear lacquer. This is covered with solid oak to bring an opposing material to the metal, making a connection with the open shelving on the opposite wall.  The piece encapsulates the feel of a music venue with its rigging, scaffolding and robust, raw aesthetic.

Concealed minimal, bespoke black-out blinds allow the Crittall style glass windows and doors to create their own feature.

Architectural lighting washes light up the skeiling from a channel in the wall to add warmth to and accentuate its interesting lines.

The stunning pendant light above the island is a standout item that also ties in tonally with the kitchen details; a commanding feature for an extensive room and vast ceiling. The other pendant lamps throughout the space are beautifully refined, positioned to draw attention to the different forms of the interior architecture. Both types of pendant cast a soft, warm light.

Industrial wall lights above the DJ station accentuate its industrial feel.

The lighting installations have been deliberately positioned to stand out against the white and blue-black, even when unilluminated. The metal and brass physical fittings are as much a part of the design, cohering with the kitchen and furniture details.

The outcome is a commanding interior space.

Walls & ceiling - Little Greene Loft White No. 222
Cabinets - Farrow & Ball Railings No. 31
Island pendant - Bert Frank Lizak
Pendant lamps - Bert Frank Riddle

“Nathan is a fantastic designer - he looks to understand your interests and how you’ll use the space to create an aesthetically and functionally pleasing design. I can recommend him; he works hard and has come in on time and budget for our projects.”

A Truly Personal Experience