A bespoke furniture and integrated lighting design project.

A prominent and luxurious curved drinks bar for hosting parties was commissioned for an expansive, lower-ground space leading on to a terrace with stunning views.

The body of the bar is in a dark metallic tone with patinated brass edging to accentuate its curves. Natural and artificial lighting illuminates the antique mirror surface; bringing the beauty of the outdoors in, repeating the shapes of the architecture and creating striking reflective patterns.

The open drinks display and lockable drinks storage wall cabinet, with personalised linear brass detailing, provides a unifying backdrop to the bar.  Concealed lighting illuminates the antique mirror back panel and floating glass shelves. The design is seamless with the antique mirror continuing through to the splashback below.

The black sink, tap and worktop of the small base cabinet beneath this absorbs the light and accentuates the rich dark style.

The juxtaposition of the dark surfaces absorbing the light and the light reflecting surfaces creates a rich and luxurious feel whether day or night.

Introduction to client by, and in part collaboration with, interior designer Jane Bates. All other interior design aspects by Jane.

“I like nothing better than knowing Nathan and I can... create a stunningly crafted yet workable design that will exceed the client’s expectations every time.”

Jane - who brought Nathan onto her project to work with the client to design and create the beautiful bar and games’ cabinet

A Truly Personal Experience