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“Nathan Kingsbury created two amazing bespoke TV/shelving wall units for us with unique character, lighting and superb quality. He listens to what you want and then interprets that into thoughtful, sophisticated and high-quality design work with fantastic craftsmanship.”

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A bespoke furniture and integrated lighting design project.

The clients had extended the property previously, creating a huge open-plan living room and kitchen. Although the architect and builders produced interesting and well-designed architectural details, the space lacked warmth and desperately needed dividing into recognisable and useable zones with focal points.

The client required a wall-mounted TV and display unit to fit in the overly spacious and undefined room, connecting the seating area in a more engaging way.

The inspiration came from the structure of the room and, more specifically, the linear opaque windows.  The aesthetic of the unit is minimal in form with stylish, standout elements, using strong shapes to link with and act as an extension of the interior architecture.

Zoning the area became the key, with a deep, dark and inviting colour.  By making wall and unit the same colour the perception of wall as unit and unit as wall, has the duel effect of taking the focus to it and away from it at the same time.  The furniture is an appealing extension of the architecture and it draws this into the room in a more positive way.  The darkness at night through the large opaque windows blends in and no longer feels cold and foreboding. And in the daytime the light forms natural light wells, now very much part of, adding to and enhancing the whole piece.

Three separate floating wall cabinets, each with individual designs and proportions, interact with one another and the two windows.  The whole piece is floating like the light.  Although commanding, it appears light and open.  And to accentuate this suspension, concealed LED lighting illuminates the backs of each cabinet where they meet the wall.

The design of the individual TV cabinet is aesthetically driven to tie in with the lower, longer cabinet for storage, both featuring channelling detail.  The display cabinet provides space for ornaments.  The larger rectangular shapes of the whole unit are repeated here in smaller form, the backs of which are sprayed gold, with a layer of glass in front and then illuminated with concealed LED lighting, washing light about. This golden warmth, softening the darkness of the unit, builds a rich depth and texture achieving the sumptuous ambience requested.

A second minimal TV and storage unit to be used by the children for toys, in a space to play, sits hidden from view opposite the column windows behind the Crittall style glass division and doors, in the same understated grey as the wall.

Little Greene Basalt No. 221

Introduction to client by, and in part collaboration with, interior designer Tracey Warman. All other interior design aspects by Tracey.

“Nathan is extremely easy to work with. I would highly recommend!”

A Truly Personal Experience