A bespoke furniture design project for established bedrooms.

With a keen eye for design, the clients’ main bedroom was almost complete, apart from wardrobes to sit either side of the fireplace in the dressing area. The clients were looking for a beautiful and unique design to fit harmoniously within the room and to be loosely inspired by the Art Deco period.

Finding stimulus in the room’s calm, natural and organic aesthetic, the design is pared-back with an Art Deco leaning.  Each element is incredibly subtle and fine-tuned. 

Each wardrobe is a reflection of the other.

The height of the two pieces ties to the original Victorian picture rail, leaving the feature cornicing in full view. In unison with this, each wardrobe has its own Art Deco inspired cornicing and three-sided frame. Patinated brass strips enhance these shapes giving an architectural element to the pieces. Now, not only framing the fireplace, this creation gives the impression that this whole end of the room is framed.

Using a similar colour to the walls, the strong architectural aspect of the wardrobes is unimposing.  The exquisite details become the conversation.

Influenced by the delicate linear pattern in the sheer handmade blinds, the linear pattern on the wardrobe doors is defined by the use of patinated brass. Light illuminates this natural material, elevating its elegance and appeal.

The complete design appears linear and whimsical at the same time. The addition of the wardrobes enriches the space, enhancing its calm and harmonious atmosphere.

Farrow & Ball Car Room Green No. 79
Internals - Solid Oak & Veneer


Following the completion of the wardrobes, one of the clients wanted to commission a special piece of furniture as a gift for the other for the same room. The client was looking for one stand-alone piece to replace two chests of drawers.  

The largescale drawer chest manages to appear neat and refined, and to have a slender frame. The six-drawer body is separated from the frame, appearing to delicately balance on four slim, stilt-like legs.

Taking inspiration from the Mid-century modern look of the desk and the recent addition of a captivating handmade mandala above the fireplace, the drawer chest is having a conversation with the other elements in the space. The design of the legs is reminiscent of the curves of the desk and the ovate petal shapes within the mandala.  This is also found in the walnut timber detailing, enhancing the delicacy of this piece of furniture.  The radial balance and energy flow within the mandala are made reference to in the patinated brass sun burst expanding across the drawer fronts. 

The result is an organic and personal piece of furniture.

Farrow & Ball Chapel Green No. 83
Internals - Black Walnut 


The clients’ need for closed storage and display shelving for their child’s bedroom led to another commissioned piece.

The children attend a school based on the philosophy of Rudolph Steiner.  His key philosophy is educating children in settings inspired by nature. This became the pivotal motivation for the design.

This extensive, fitted unit completely reimagines the interior architecture of this space. The piece is anchored by two back-panels that join at opposing angles just off-centre. Its three-dimensional elements, of various depths, extend from the back-panels, facing in slightly different directions.  These consist of cupboards, shelving and drawers, some of which are concealed and/or floating. The curve of the right overhang is mirrored in the curve of the drawers at the base of the unit.

The whole piece, with its angled structure, curves and layout, is designed to pull you in and enliven curiosity.

Floating, olive ash cantilevered steps with integrated drawers, together with the opposite cantilevered drawer, support and encourage a child to climb and discover the nooks and crannies hidden above. 

There is a panel in the unit that opens to reveal a secret cupboard.  This is obscured further by a framed picture secured to it, reinforcing the magic.

The unit is playful with a joyous tone.  Combining soft hues of colour and warm, tactile timber create an enchanting feel without appearing childish. It is child-focused with a strong design and wider appeal. The main back colour blends with the walls, reducing the impact of its architectural structure. The pink sections complement this and match the currently favoured colour. But the design allows for these pink cupboard doors and drawer front to be easily resprayed to other colours when necessary. The design has longevity; its appeal will grow as the child grows.

Minimal integrated lighting draws attention to and enriches the ornaments and toys on display and reinforces the floating design of the drawers.

A coherent connection to Steiner’s philosophy has led to a fresh, unique and unexpected piece. A child can truly explore this item of furniture; climbing the steps, displaying treasured possessions and delving into the concealed cupboard reserved for ‘top-secret’ items.  

Farrow & Ball Borrowed Light No. 235
Farrow & Ball Middleton Pink No. 245

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